Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Turn 3D models into 2D drawings > Create a drawing > Create a drawing with new views
Create a drawing with new views
A view is the fundamental entity showing a 3D model laid out in 2D. Views display the model as seen from a defined direction in space. There can be any number of views of a given part or assembly.
To create a new drawing,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Setup group, click New Drawing. The Create Drawing dialog box opens.
2. If the Mode isn't already set, click 2D Process.
3. If necessary, change the default parameters, under Drawing:
Owner — the owner of the view.
Configuration — if you have created configurations in your 3D model.
Drawlist — if you have configurations with drawlists in your 3D model.
Front Dir — the front direction of the view.
Up Dir — the up direction of the front view.
Use the context menu of the Aux 3D Viewport (right-click) to verify the Front Dir and Up Dir.
4. If required, enter a number (or name) for the new drawing in the Number data entry field.
5. Click a frame type (or None for no frame) from the Sheet Frame cascade list.
6. Accept the Scale (Auto) factor, or enter a sheet scale factor in the Scale data entry field. All new views added to the drawing are scaled by this factor.
With Scale (Auto), the sheet scale adjusts automatically as you add and remove views so that all views fit within the frame; however,no adjustment to the scale is made if the value for Sheet Frame is None.
7. Click to end the process and create a drawing consisting of only an empty sheet, or click Add Views to specify orthogonal, isometric or general view options. Use the Related Links below for more information.
8. Click the Use View Profile check box and select a Profile. View profiles are a collection of settings that give you an optimal combination of accuracy and performance for drawing updates. Select Large Assy for fastest speed, Small Assy for best accuracy.
If you use a view profile, the settings for that profile in the am_customize customization file will override any default view settings that you specify interactively.
9. Move the cursor into the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation Viewport and click to position the views on the sheet. Click Reposition Views in the Drawing pane to move the views.
10. Continue to add or remove views by clicking the appropriate check boxes.
11. Click to complete the operation.