Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Turn 3D models into 2D drawings > Create views > Create a view
Create a view
Creating a 2D view is a two-stage process. First you position a view placeholder on the sheet. Next, the view geometry must be added to the sheet. This step is referred to as updating the view. The first time you create a view, you update an empty placeholder. With the second and subsequent updates, you update the existing view to show new or modified geometry.
The figure shows the steps in updating a view.
A new Creo Elements/Direct Modeling model with an associated sheet showing the front-view placeholder.
The sheet has been updated and shows the 2D geometry for the front view. A couple of dimensions have also been added.
The Creo Elements/Direct Modeling model has been modified by adding several holes to the front view and deleting a slot. The sheet was updated and existing/new geometry is color-coded as follows (to see the colors, look at the online help version):
1: Magenta—Original unchanged geometry.
2: Yellow—Slot has been modified.
3: Cyan—Hole has been added.
4: Green—Original 2D sketch.
5: Blue—Dimension has changed because slot was modified.
6: Red--This slot has been deleted.