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Dimension geometry attributes
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation uses two kinds of lines in dimension geometry.
What are dimension lines?
Dimension lines show the direction and extent of a dimension. The dimension line may be broken and the dimension text inserted (referred to as on the dimension line), or the line may be a full unbroken line with the dimension text above or below the dimension line.
What are extension lines?
Extension lines show the extension of a surface or point to a location outside the part outline. In most technical drawings, you draw them perpendicular to the dimension line with a visible gap from the geometry feature.
What are dimension frames?
The dimension text frame surrounds the dimension text. Normally, the frame is switched off. You can choose none or a balloon-shaped frame, a box-shaped frame, a flag-shaped frame, or a basic frame as shown in the following figure:
The basic prefix and the basic postfix are enclosed in a basic frame. The general prefix and postfix are located outside a basic frame. In all other boxes, fix texts are completely included.