Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify BOM information > Draw a BOM table
Draw a BOM table
The Draw BOM dialog box allows you to add the current BOM information to your drawing. The information in the Current BOM Table is added as a sketch. You can control the direction in which the table entries are drawn, and specify a particular range of the table to include in the drawn table.
The format of a drawn table is taken from the active layout, which is a loaded sketch template. You can configure any number of BOM layouts.
To draw the current BOM table,
1. Click Insert and then, in the BOM group, click Draw. The Draw BOM dialog box opens.
2. If necessary, change the settings under BOM Layout, Growth Direction, Table Range, and Draw BOM Sketch. These options are described below.
3. Click Draw, and specify the position of the table by clicking in the viewport or by entering coordinates (for the cursor attach point) in the user input line. You can change the cursor attachment point at any time while positioning.
4. Click to confirm the position and complete the operation.
The following options can be specified to control the appearance and contents of a drawn table:
BOM layout
BOM tables are formatted according to the active BOM layout. Creo Elements/Direct Annotation selects an active layout automatically, but you can change it in one of the following ways:
Enter the layout name in the Act Layout box.
Click Act Layout and select the layout from the Sketch Layout table.
The selected layout remains the active layout until it is changed again.
Growth direction
This determines the direction in which the table information is listed. The options are:
(The default setting) This option causes the BOM data to be displayed from top to bottom, with the table headline at the top.
This option causes the data to be listed from bottom to top, with the table headline at the bottom.
Table range
It is possible to draw only a specified subrange of the Current BOM Table. When Sub Range is not selected, the entire table is drawn.
To specify a subrange,
1. Click Sub Range to expand the Draw BOM dialog box.
2. Click From. The Current BOM Table opens.
3. Click the part or assembly in the table to be the first element of the range, and click Apply (or double-click the entry).
4. Click To and specify the last element of the range as above.
Cursor attachment
Use the Adjust button to specify the exact point at which the BOM table will be attached to the cursor while positioning. (A box representing the table is attached to the cursor during positioning.) The default is at the center of the table, but the corners and midpoints of the sides can also be selected.
The sketch layout table
The Sketch Layout table displays all the BOM layouts available for newly-drawn BOM tables. Any sketch can be used as a layout, but it must first be registered to appear in the table.
Layouts are listed in the table in the order they were registered. However, you can control what is displayed by applying a filter over the column data. Right-click the Sketch Layout Name column header to open the Column Filter box, and set (or clear) filters.