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BOM overview
This section describes how to manage Bill of Materials information in a drawing. In Creo Elements/Direct Annotation you can create BOM information two ways. One way is to transfer 3D annotations into your 2D drawing. The second way is to scan an assembly for information about its constituent parts and subassemblies.
BOM information is kept in a table containing information for all parts or a specific range of parts. The information included in a BOM is determined by the BOM functions that have been registered. You can configure new types of BOM information; see Creo Elements/Direct Annotation customization for advanced users.
If you are using WorkManager, BOM information can be read from the database and used in a Creo Elements/Direct Annotation BOM table. If the position numbers are changed, the changes can be saved back to the database. (WorkManager Desktop commands are accessed with the Database button at the top of the screen.)
You can also add position flags, whose numbers are included both with the flag and in the BOM table. Layouts for the table and the flags can be customized.