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Searching with Translated Text
When a user searches, the user language configuration setting determines which translated text attribute values are returned (if available).
For translated text attribute values to be properly searched, the localeForNullAuthoringLanguage property must be set. For more information, see Setting Behavior when Authoring Language is Null.
For translations to be returned in the Search Results table, the translated text attribute must be added to a table view for the Search Results table.
If the user language configuration matches the authoring language for an object, then the master text values (the original source text attribute values) are searched.
If the user language configuration matches a target language, then the translated text values are searched. If there is no translated text value present for that target language, then the object is not returned in the search results.
If the user language configuration setting does not match any target language, the master text is searched, regardless of the source language.