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Setting Behavior when Authoring Language is Null
Objects that were created before authoring languages were introduced have no Authoring Language attribute value (a null value). The property specifies a value for the authoring language for such objects in the following situations:
When displaying the Authoring Language attribute for the object in the user interface
When exporting the object
When retrieving the display values for translated text attributes for the object
The value of this property must be a supported language tag following the syntax of [language code]-[region code], for example en-US. Windchill language tag support is described in Available Languages.
To set this property, enter the following command from a Windchill shell:
xconfmanager -s
<language tag> -t -p
For example, to set the property to en-US, run the following command:
xconfmanager -s
en-US -t -p
This property needs to be set so that search works properly for translatable attributes.