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Adding Translated Text Attributes to Table Views
Translated text attributes can be displayed in any Windchill table that supports table views. The translated text attribute must be added to the table view for the table. It is possible for both the translated text attribute and the source text attribute to be present in a single table view, even if both use the same display name.
While individual users can update their table views using the Customize option from the view list, a site or organization administrator can edit or create new table views and share them with all users in the site or organization. For more information, see Administering Table Views for the Site or Administering Table Views for the Organization.
The out-of-the-box Translation Name translated text attribute associated with the Name attribute for the Part and Part Master types is not included in all table views. To display the translated text attribute, add it to any desired table views in which it is not already present.
If you are working in the Creo Parametric or Windchill Workgroup Manager embedded browser, you can add translated text attributes to table views. However, the values of the translated text attributes are not displayed in the embedded browser.
If translated text attributes are added to the Uses table on the Structure tab of a part information page, users will need to use the Insert Existing action to add parts. The insert existing feature available from the empty bottom row of the Uses table is not present for translated text attributes.