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Configuring Multiple SIS Workers
The SIS Worker installed with Windchill can be configured according to the instructions in Service Worker and Publishing. However, if the publishing load has performance issues, you can improve performance by configuring multiple Windchill Service Information Manager Workers (also called SIS Workers) to pass WVS publishing jobs to multiple installations of Arbortext Publishing Engine. You need to be familiar with the process for configuring a SIS Worker.
Configure Multiple SIS Workers
To configure multiple SIS Workers to use multiple Arbortext Publishing Engine server systems from a single Windchill server, use the following process.
The process to configure this scenario includes:
1. Install multiple Arbortext Publishing Engine server systems.
2. Configure multiple SIS Workers.
3. Configure the Worker Agent for the additional SIS Workers.
4. Configure additional queues for the additional SIS Workers (optional)
Configure Multiple SIS Workers
Configure each SIS Worker.
Prerequisite: Prior to configuring multiple workers, it is necessary to add the host ID that follows the worker allies to the Windchill server host file, as in: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. For example,
1. Create multiple copies of the SIS Worker directory, one for each SIS Worker, and name each of them uniquely. For example: C:\PTC\SISWorker1, C:\PTC\SISWorker2, C:\PTC\SISWorker3, and so on.
2. Be sure the SISWorkerstart.bat and from the original SISWorker directory exist in each of the directories.
Edit these files from each directory in a text editor as follows:
In each directory, find SISWorkerstart.bat and set the WORKER_DIR to the current location of SISWorker-path. For example, in C:\PTC\SISWorker1, set it to WORKER_DIR=C:\PTC\SISWorker1.
Configure the remainder of the file according to the instructions in Service Worker and Publishing.
In each directory, find and set the Arbortext Publishing Engine server URL to correspond to a particular installation, following the form:
For example:
3. In the Windchill home directory, open the site.xconf file in a text editor. Add the following property to the site.xconf file:
<Property name="worker.exe.whitelist.prefixes"
Specify a value for each SIS Worker directory you created, separated by |.
4. Stop Windchill if it is running. Then run the xconfmanager -pF command in a Windchill shell.
5. Start Windchill and open Windchill using the browser URL.
Configure the Worker Agent for Additional SIS Workers
Configure each of the SIS Workers in the Windchill Worker Configuration Wizard.
1. From Utilities, choose Worker Agent Administration, and then click the Configure link.
2. On the Worker Configuration Wizard, click Add Worker.
3. Enter the name of the Windchill server as the Host name specified in the worker allies. For example,
Choose SIS as the Data Type.
Click Next.
4. Be sure Worker Location is set to Windchill Server.
Click Next.
5. On the Worker Execution Command screen, specify the path to your first SISWorker-path\SISWorkerstart.bat for Execute command.
The number of Max Instances must match the maxSubprocesses value configured for the Arbortext Publishing Engine sub-process pool designated to WVS. Refer to the Configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine guide for information about pools and maxSubprocesses.
Check AutoStart. Click Next.
6. On the Worker Summary Information screen, confirm your settings were specified correctly. If so, click Apply to return to the first Worker Configuration screen.
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each SIS Worker, modifying the SIS Worker execution command path to specify the SIS Worker directory.
8. From the Worker Agent Administration screen, choose Start all. After the SIS Workers are started, their status shows they are turned on.
9. If you need to check for errors, clear the On-Line boxes and click on the information icon.
Configure Additional Queues
By default, the SIS Publisher has two queues, PublisherQueueSIS1 and PublisherQueueSIS2. Additional queues can be configured for SIS Workers. You can add any number of queues; the number must be the same or greater than the number of SIS Workers. For example, you can set up five queues for three SIS Workers.
For more information about queues, see Working with the Queue Management Utility.
To configure additional queues, add a property like the following for each queue you wish to add to the Windchillsite.xconf file.
<Property name="wt.queue.removeCompleted.PublisherQueueSISn
" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/" value="false"/>
Be sure to stop and then restart the Windchill server for the changes to take effect.