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Windchill Service Information Manager Setup and Configuration
You can manage attributes and preferences for information elements, which include dynamic documents, graphic dynamic documents, and parts lists. Refer to Managing Information Elements for more information.
You can use sample templates provided for dynamic documents, or upload your own. For more information, see Managing Dynamic Document Templates.
You can add the service features of Windchill Service Information Manager and Windchill Service Parts to an existing product context rather than creating a new service product from the Service Information Manager General Product template. If so, you need to perform service product configuration procedures to enable the features. For more information, refer to the following:
Service Roles for an Existing Product
Service Preferences for an Existing Product
Autonumbering for Service Subtypes
Service BOM and Parts Lists for an Existing Product
In addition, you can set up publishing for a service product, which requires the same configuration process regardless of whether you created the product from the Windchill Service Information Manager General Product template or converted an existing product into a service product. For information on publishing from a service product, refer to Service Publishing Setup.