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Managing Information Elements
Information Type Dynamic Document Attribute
The Information Type attribute can identify similar types of content so that they can be grouped or displayed together with other elements of the same type in Servigistics InService. For example, Repair instructions or Assembly instructions can be grouped together.
By default, Information Type is not specified as the values are expected to be domain-specific. To define a set of Information Type attribute values, use WindchillUtilities > Type and Attribute Management utility. Navigate to Manage Types and then look for EPMDocument > Dynamic Document.
For more information on configuring attributes, refer to:
Attribute Customization
Attribute Constraint Rules
The Attribute Customization section in the Windchill Customization Guide and in the Windchill Help Center.
The Attribute Constraint Rules help topic in the Windchill Help Center.
Information Element List Preferences
The Enable Information Element List preference determines whether the Information Element List tab in the information structure or publication structure is displayed. By default, this preference is set to Yes.
The Show all child nodes preference is related to the Enable Information Element List preference. Show all child nodes determines whether child information elements associated with an information element in the Information Element List are also displayed. By default, this preference is also set to Yes.
For more information, refer to The Information Element List Tab.