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Baselines and Incremental Publishing
A Final publishing action for an S1000D publication includes the creation of a publication baseline. You can choose to run subsequent Final publishing actions against a baseline to identify what has changed in the publication since a selected publication issue baseline was created.
For more information, see Baselines.
To work with a baseline during publishing:
1. Select and open the required publication structure.
Use Set State to move the structure to Final if necessary.
2. Choose the Publish > Representation menu option from the Structure tab. The Publish Representation window is displayed.
3. Complete the Name and Description fields as usual, then select the required Publishing rule.
4. The Compare against baseline field displays No baseline for the first Final publishing action for a publication. No baseline is available for selection.
5. Click OK to publish the representation.
6. When publishing is complete, see the Folders view for the product. A baseline named in the form PMC-pmc - Issue publication issue number - YYYYMMDD is available.
The baseline has been created in the product’s default OIR location.
7. When you check in changes to the publication structure and you initiate a subsequent Final publishing action, you can select the original baseline from Compare against baseline.
If publishing to Servigistics InService A&D, you can also select the Incremental publish option. With this option selected, Compare against baseline processing identifies and extracts those data modules that are New or Changed in the publication since the previous issue. Only those data modules will be output to the Servigistics InService A&D content location.
8. When publishing is complete, the output content contains information that identifies the data modules that are New or Changed since the previous publication:
Servigistics InService A&D — on upload to Servigistics InService A&D Task Manager, only data modules that are considered New or Changed since the last publication issue are uploaded to the Servigistics InService A&D publication.
If placeholders for List of Effective Data Modules (LOEDM) or Highlights (HIGH) are included in the publication structure:
LOEDM outputs a table in the front matter which shows all data modules in the publication. The table indicates if a data module is new (N) or changed (C) since the last publication issue.
HIGH outputs a table listing the data modules that have changed since the last publication issue. The table includes a reason for the change to each data module.
For more information, see Add Generated Front Matter to a Publication.