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Export an S1000D Package
You can create an S1000D package from an information structure. The package contains all the information necessary to carry out a data interchange with a partner, a supplier, or a customer.
Data Dispatch Note
Data Module List (optional)
Filtered data module content from the selected information structure node
Business Rules Document data modules from the selected information structure node (S1000D 4.2 information structure only)
Information Control Number (ICN) illustrations from the selected information structure node.
If you have ICNs based on Creo Illustrate (.c3di) or Arbortext IsoDraw (.iso) graphics in your structure, you can specify that secondary content (.pvz or .cgm) of the illustration is output in the package.
For more information, see Include Secondary Content Attachment with an Illustration.
There must be an Arbortext Editor fallback mechanism in place for the .c3di or .iso graphic types
Fore more information, see Set up Fallback Mechanism for Secondary Content of an Illustration.
If the illustration is based on a c3di (primary content) and .pvz (secondary content) illustration, you can choose whether to include the first figure in the .pvz file only, or to include all figures in the .pvz.
The value of the Insert Multiple Figures preference specifies which figures to include.
ICN Metadata Files that are linked to ICNs in the information structure (S1000D 4.2 information structure only)
Latest issued TIR or CIR data modules from the current product
Latest issued ACT, CCT and PCT applicability data modules from the structure
Latest issued BREX data modules from the current product
Nested BREX DMs are included in the package.
If the structure includes DMs from external products, the TIR, CIR, ACT, CCT, PCT, and BREX DMs from the external products are also included in the package.
To export an S1000D package from the information structure:
1. Select an Information Group node in the information structure.
The node must include a Data Dispatch Note (DDN) at the correct location to be able to complete the export of a package. It can also include a Data Module List (optional).
2. Create a filter for the content in the node using the Edit Filter option in the Filter action set, if required.
If you do not want to use any custom filters, you can restore the default filter by selecting Saved Filters > System Default.
All content from the group is included if no filter is in place.
3. Select the Add To > Export S1000D Package option from the context menu.
The Export S1000D Package dialog box opens.
For more information, see Export S1000D Package Dialog Box.
4. Select a DDN from the drop down list in the Data Dispatch Note field.
5. Select a DML from the drop down list in the Data Module List field.
The inclusion of a DML is optional. You can select a blank value if required.
6. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the S1000D package is created in the Packages area for the product.
Its name is based on information from the DDN creation process:
S1000D Package-[CAGE code of sender]-[CAGE code of receiver]-[Year]-[Sequence Number]
You can also find a zip file of the package in the Attachments tab of the package's information page. You may need to add the new tab to the page and customize its content (General > Attachments).