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Regulatory Submissions Table Page
As a Quality System Manager, when you create a regulatory submission, a record of that submission is added to the Regulatory Submissions table.
Some of the default information displayed on the Regulatory Submissions table are as follows:
Opens regulatory submission information table. For more information, see Regulatory Submission Information Page.
Object Type
Specifies regulatory submission type.
Specifies the part number for which the submission is created.
Specifies a part or a document or a regulatory agency for which the regulatory submission is created.
Submitted To
Specifies the regulatory agency against which a submission is done.
Certificate Number
Specifies certificate number of a submission.
Expiration Date
Specifies date of expiration of a submission.
Specifies the expiry status of a submission.
Specifies the latest iteration of the submission.
Specifies the lifecycle state of a submission:
In Progress
Specifies the content attached with a submission.
Specifies remote URL.
To customize or personalize the table, see Personalizing Tables and Customizing Table Views.
Right-Click Actions
Opens the Edit wizard where you can edit regulatory submission attributes and related details.
Create Followup
Allows you to create a follow-up on a regulatory submission. For more information, see Creating Follow-up Tasks for a Regulatory Submission.
Set State
Allows you to change the lifecycle state of the submission. For more information, see Setting the State of an Object.
Undo Reservation
When this action is enabled, it indicates that another user has the object reserved for modification. You can use this action to manually revoke their reservation and allow another user to modify the object.
A confirmation message appears with details about the user and the action they are performing.
Allows you to delete a regulatory submission.
Create a Regulatory Submission
Click the Actions menu to create a New Regulatory Submission. For more information, see Create a Regulatory Submission.