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Create a Regulatory Submission
To create a regulatory submission, perform following steps:
1. Navigate to the information page of the part or document or part instance for which you want to create a regulatory submission.
2. Click to add new tab and open the Customize drop-down menu.
3. Click Customize > Quality > Regulatory Submission. The Regulatory Submissions table appears. You can rename the tab as required.
4. Click Actions > New Regulatory Submission. A New Regulatory Submission wizard opens.
5. Select a submission from the Type menu.
6. In Name, type a name of the regulatory submission.
7. In Submitted To, specify the regulatory agency or click to search for the agency to which you want to make the submission.
8. Enter the context in the Context field or click to find the context.
9. Complete all the details in the New Regulatory Submission wizard and click OK.
The newly created regulatory submission is added in the Regulatory Submissions table. For more information, see Regulatory Submissions Table Page.