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Regulatory Submission Information Page
The regulatory submission information page provides tools for managing the details and collection of information associated with a submission. The page has menu actions and tabs for managing information about the submission. On the Actions menu, you can perform a variety of actions on the regulatory submission.
The following tabs are available on the regulatory submission information page:
Displays the attributes and related information of the regulatory submission.
Primary Content
Displays documents or files that are attached with a submission to a regulatory agency.
Displays local file attachments, URL attachments or external content attachments.
Displays the version history of a submission.
Routing/Process History
Displays the regulatory submission workflow status and task history.
Displays members associated to regulatory submission process. The Members table provides actions to add and manage members for a regulatory submission. For more information, see Members Table.
You can also add a new tab to the regulatory submission information page and it can be customized using the Customize drop-down menu.
There is a workflow state link at the upper right corner in the regulatory submission information page that displays the running workflow lifecycle state of the submission. Click the workflow state link to view the various states in the regulatory submission. For more information, see The Windchill Regulatory Submission Process.
Actions Menu
The regulatory submission information page contains a list of menu actions available from the upper left area of the page. See Regulatory Submissions Table Page for a list of actions available in Windchill.