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Creating Constraints
Constraints are conditions defined by you that are applied to selected fields in a Windchill RV&S type. The conditions can be used to restrict the values that display in the field, or to make certain fields mandatory when editing an item.
Once you have defined a type, and the corresponding fields for that type, you can create constraints to further customize the display of data in all items for that type. Constraints allow you to:
limit the allowed values that display in a field
define mandatory fields (as defined either on a state or on a constraint)
customize error messages that are displayed to users when an invalid value is selected or when a mandatory field is left empty
You can configure the following categories of constraints: basic, field relationship, rule, or Item Backed Pick List (IBPL).
To create a constraint in the GUI
Working With Basic Constraints
Working With Field Relationship Constraints
Working With Rule Constraints
Working With IBPL Constraints