Extended Web User Interface (UI) > Editing in DocStudio > Editing Relationships > Adding a Related Item
Adding a Related Item
Perform the following steps to add a related item:
In DocStudio, select Edit Content from the Select Action list.
Double-click the relationship field you want to edit.
Click the icon to add a new related item.
The Add Row dialog opens.
The icon is disabled when a single-valued relationship already exists.
Select a query from the Query list.
The query results are displayed in the table. If a default query is set, it is run once you are on the Add Row page.
Select one or more item from the list and click Add.
The selected items are highlighted and are visible at the top of the table.
Click Proceed and click Save in the DocStudio page that opens.
The related item IDs are appended as comma separated values to the existing IDs in the relationship field.