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Opening a Configuration Management Project
Opening a project in the GUI allows you to view the project and perform certain commands with its members.
To choose a project to open in the GUI
Select one of the following:
Project > Open Project
File > Open > Project
To open a regular project from the Projects view in the GUI
Select the project, and then Project > View Project or File > Open > Selected.
To open a build project from the Project History view in the GUI
Select a checkpoint, and then Project > View Project.
To open a project as of a specific date in the GUI.
Select Project > Open Project to launch the Open Project Wizard window and select a project.
In the panel that selects the project configuration, selecting As Of specifies a Project view based on a project configuration as of a specified date (date-based project configuration). When the As Of option is selected, the Project Branch option becomes available to specify a Branch ID value. Specifying the branch ID is the only way to specify a date-based project configuration for a development path that was dropped. The branch ID is the ID of the branch that the development path was on. For example, if the last checkpoint on the development path was project revision, then the branch ID is 1.1.1.
To open a recently used project in the GUI
Select Project > Recent or File > Recent > Project, then select a project from the list.
To open a project in the Web interface
Select one of the following from the File menu:
Open Project
Open Variant Project
Open Build Project
The list displayed contains only master projects; subprojects are not accessible by this procedure.
To open a project by typing a URL in the Web interface
If you know the location of a project, you can open it by typing the following URL in a browser:
For example:
To open a variant project from a Project view in the Web interface
Select Project > Open Variant Project.
When opening a project in the GUI, you can type in or select the project to open. If you are opening a variant or build subproject, initially only enter the path and name of the root project. You specify the subproject later in the procedure. When specifying the subproject, there are rules that control what project configuration you can jump to. If your selection breaks any of the rules, you cannot open the project.
When opening a project you can open the following types:
Normal opens the working project based on the mainline.
Variant opens a project based on a specific development path.
The Variant option is unavailable if there are no available development paths.
Deactivated development paths are not shown in the Development Path Name list.
Build opens a static project based on a specific checkpoint of the master project that is used for building or testing the project, but not for further development. You can specify the checkpoint through its checkpoint number or label.
Configuration Management Project View