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Working With Date-Based Project Configurations
You can specify project configurations by date:
In the Windchill RV&S client graphical user interface (GUI), the project configuration is specified using the As Of option date selector. Project configurations specified appear as date-based build Project views and date-based build Sandbox views in the GUI.
In the command line interface (CLI), the #a keyword is specified in the configuration path for the -P and --project options on CLI commands that use them (for more information, see the CLI man pages). Project configurations specified using #a appear as date-based build Project views and date-based build Sandbox views in the GUI.
The following are common uses for date-based project configurations:
Viewing a project as of a date
Creating and viewing a sandbox as of a date
Retargeting a sandbox as of a date.
Checkpointing a project as of a date
Viewing project information as of a date
Key Considerations
When opening a project configuration by date, only specify a project branch in the Project Branch option that corresponds to a currently active development path. If you specify a project branch that corresponds to a dropped development path, Windchill RV&S does not allow you to open that project configuration by date.
The As Of option for the Checkpoint dialog specifies the project configuration as of a specific date (date-based project configuration). Specifying a date in the past performs a retroactive checkpoint at that specific date.
Checkpointing as of a date can be useful to reduce the number of total checkpoints on a project by only retroactively checkpointing the exact project configuration that you intend to use as a baseline, instead of creating checkpoints of current project configurations that might never be used. When checkpointing as of a date, the best practice is to specify a label to facilitate later identification of that checkpoint.
Date-based checkpoints have all of the same capabilities as regular checkpoints, but they are identified differently when they are used or appear in the project history. A regular checkpoint is identified using a Windchill RV&S revision ID; for example, checkpointing a project at 1.1 results in revision 1.2. However, a date-based checkpoint for a project whose nearest regular checkpoint (not date-based) prior to that date is at revision 1.1 results in revision of, where date is the date of the project configuration (presented in milliseconds since the epoch) and identifier is an integer (usually 0, but higher if there were simultaneous operations). For example, checkpointing a project configuration that was January 5, 2015, 19:51:29 GMT (and no simultaneous operations) results in a revision ID of
If the format of date-based checkpoint revision IDs causes difficulty in visually determining the branch, use the graphical history view to determine the branch information.
The As Of option is not supported in the Configuration Management Web interface.