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Configuration Management Project View
si viewproject
When you open a configuration management project, Windchill RV&S displays its contents in a Project view. The Project view displays subprojects and project members.
In the GUI, you can expand and collapse a project or subproject tree using one of the following options:
Double-click the project or subproject.
Click the plus or minus icons.
Use the right and left arrow keys.
Right-click the project or subproject, then select Expand All.
Select View > Expand All or View > Collapse All.
When you select a member, information about the member displays in a box at the bottom of the view. For example, if the working file has been updated but not checked in, a message tells you that the working file has been changed.
In the Web, you can open a project or subproject by clicking the project or subproject link. You can also use the active links in the title bar to navigate within a project. For example, to navigate from a subproject to a project, click the applicable portion of the link.
Default Columns in Project View
Displays the name of the project, subproject, or member.
Member Rev
Displays the member’s revision number, or in the case of a subproject, the subproject revision number (if any), for example, 1.3.
Indicates that your working file has changed. A delta symbol with a white document icon means your working file has changed. A delta symbol with a blue striped document icon indicates that the working revision does not match the member revision. A description of the changes is shown at the bottom of the window.
A snowflake icon means the member is frozen. When the member is thawed, the snowflake icon disappears.
Locked (Web only)
Users who have a lock on the member. The padlock icon indicates the type of lock and any potential conflicts with other lockers.
Padlock icons in the Web interface are not color-coded.
If there are multiple lockers, your lock is listed first, followed by the locker who has an exclusive lock (if any), followed by any lockers with non-exclusive locks.
If there are multiple lockers, click on the field to display a drop-down list of lockers.
Displays any labels assigned to the member revision, for example, Draft1. Also displays checkpoint labels on a build project or a subproject configured as build.
If there are multiple labels on the same checkpoint, the Labels column displays the labels in a comma-separated list. Selecting the list displays a drop-down list of labels.
Displays the state of the member revision, for example, Beta.
Member CPID
Change package associated with the operation that set the member’s revision. If you do not specify a change package when performing the operation, this column is not updated.
In the Web interface, the change package ID displays as a hyperlink that you can click to display the change package.
Windchill RV&S displays a lock change package ID (a change package assigned during a checkout) in priority over the member revision change package ID (the change package assigned during a checkin).
Symbolic Link
In the Web, the symbolic link column indicates if the member is a symbolic link file.
In the GUI, a symbolic link decorator on the member icon indicates that the member is a symbolic link.
Filtering Members in the Project View
You can view and work with a group of project members based on specific member properties. You can filter the members displayed using the Filter list located on the toolbar or select a group of members using View > Select.