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Checking Out a Member
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Before you can make changes to a member, you must first check it out. When you check out a revision, it is copied to a working file where you can view or modify its contents.
Checking out a member extracts the contents of a revision in a member history and copies it to the working file. You can check out any revision by specifying either its revision number or label.
If you already have a member checked out, and you have not made any changes to the member, Windchill RV&S does not perform the checkout a second time. While the checkout dialog box does appear, the original checkout stands.
In the configuration management Web interface, when you check out a revision, it is downloaded to a working file for editing. This occurs because Sandboxes do not exist in the Web interface.
To check out a member in the GUI
To check out a member in the Web interface
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