User Help > Managing Source Files as Members > Checking Out a Member > To check out a member in the GUI
To check out a member in the GUI
1. From a Sandbox view, select one or more members to check out.
2. Select Member > Check Out. The Check Out dialog box displays.
3. Click the desired tab, then modify the checkout options. For additional checkout options, click Options.
4. Under Change Package, select a change package, if applicable, or create a change package to link to.
5. To check out a single selected member, click OK. To check out all selected members, click OK to All.
If you have made changes to your working file, and then attempt to check out the member, the Confirm Overwrite Working File dialog box displays. If you want to retain your changes in the working file, click No (No to All for multiple members). If you want to compare your working file with the revision you are checking out, click Differences. To proceed with the check out operation for a member, click Yes (for multiple members, click Yes to All).
If your working file is based on a different revision, you can merge it with the revision you are checking out.
The member is checked out for editing, indicated by a padlock icon, the locker’s name, and the date and time of the lock.
The padlock icon indicates the type of lock and any potential conflicts with other lockers.