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To check out a member in the Web interface
1. From a Project or Member History view, select a member to check out by clicking the corresponding check box.
In the Web interface, you can check out only one member per operation. Multiple member selections for checkout cause an error.
2. From the Project view, select Member > Check Out. From the Member History view, select History > Check Out. The Check Out dialog box displays.
The Change Package options appear only if change packages are enabled.
3. Click the desired tab, then modify the Check Out options.
4. To check out the member, click OK.
Once you reach the file download stage of the checkout operation, if you cancel the file download the member appears locked in the project. This occurs because the member is checked out and saved to a temporary location pending your download options.
To unlock the member, if you cancelled the file download, select the member by clicking the corresponding check box and then select Member > Remove My Lock.
5. Follow your browser’s instructions to download the member and  open, run, or save it.
The member is checked out for editing, indicated by a padlock icon, the locker’s name, and the date and time of the lock.
The padlock icon indicates the type of lock and any potential conflicts with other lockers.