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Re-adding Dropped Members
If you are re-adding a dropped member, an archive must exist for the member, and you must specify the archive path of the dropped member.
The following cases also might cause you to be prompted to use an existing in project or out of tree archive for the member you are adding:
The member’s project was migrated from a file system repository to a database repository.
The dropped member was created by sharing another archive.
The dropped member was renamed or moved before it was dropped.
Dropped members can be added back to the project using any of the following methods. You can use the CLI command si viewdroppedmembers in combination with the following methods to add members back to the project.
Add from Archive: With this option, you must specify the location of the archive from where you can select the members to add to the project. For more information, see To add members from archive using GUI. To perform this operation from the command line, you can use the command si addmemberfromarchive.
Re-add Dropped Members: With this option, Windchill RV&S displays a list of members that are dropped from the current project along with the archive location of each member.
To re-add dropped members:
1. Select the project, subproject, sandbox or subsandbox you want to add the members to.
2. Select Member > Re-add Dropped Members. The Re-add Dropped Members dialog box opens and displays a list of members dropped from the selected project along with the location of the archive of each dropped member.
3. Select the members you want to add. You can perform the following operations:
To track this operation using a change package, select a change package from the change package list.
To create a change package, click Create.
To close the change package after this operation, click Options and select the Close Change Package checkbox.
4. After selecting the members to add, click OK. The Add Member From Archive dialog box displays.
5. The archive location is displayed in the Archive Location field. To change the location, type a new location in the field, or click Locate Archive to select it.
6. To modify the Add Member From Archive options, click Options.
7. When you are finished, click OK to add the member to the project. To add all subsequent members specified in the Re-add Dropped Members list, click OK to All. The selected members are now added back to the project.