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Adding Members to a Project
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Once you create a project, you can add files to it, making them members of that project. Once you add members to your project, you can check them out for editing, and then check them in to preserve your changes.
Project members may be one of following types of files: archived (files under Windchill RV&S revision control) or subproject (another Windchill RV&S SCM project). When adding members in the GUI, you have the option of adding members recursively to the project or creating subprojects.
In the GUI, you can add members through the Sandbox. In the Web interface, because Sandboxes do not exist, you can add members through the project only.
Select Member > Add. Follow the instructions on the Add Members Wizard.
Select Project > Add Member and enter the name of the new member, including the file extension. For example, features.gif.
To add selected non-member files to a project or subproject by using the drag-and-drop method, with a Sandbox view open drag the files from the Non-Members view to the Sandbox or sub Sandbox that corresponds to that project or subproject you want to add the project to. Subdirectories that do not correspond to subprojects are not maintained.
The maximum size for members is 2 GB for Oracle or SQL Server. To find out the type of repository used on your server, see your administrator.
Key Considerations
If you select multiple files to add in the GUI, they will be added to the project that they are closest to (top-level project or subproject).
Adding a large number of members or a directory with a large number of members to a Sandbox may cause the client to stall if the Windchill RV&S server does not have the recommended system configuration. Consult your administrator for more information.
When adding members, the available file types are restricted by values specified in the Non-Member Files Filter preferences, even if files of a restricted type are visible in the file browser. Your administrator may configure the preference for you, as well as lock it from being modified. If you are unable to add members with file types that are needed, contact your administrator for more information.
You can record the add member or create subproject operation in a change package. If you choose to create subprojects, the specified change package is used to record the Create Subproject operation.
You can add a member to the project on a deferred basis. Deferring the addition of a member allows you to work with the member in your Sandbox without causing any changes in the project.
If there is a deferred add operation associated with a member, you cannot view the member history for that member because it has not yet been added to the actual project.
Enabling Create Subprojects for Empty Directories creates subprojects for each empty directory encountered when adding members. To succeed, the option needs Recurse Into Directories enabled. Note that if Create Subprojects is not enabled, subprojects are only created for empty directories (directories that contain files remain as directories and not projects).
Re-adding Dropped Members
Create Archive Options (GUI)
Create Archive Options (Web)