User Help > Managing Source Files as Members > Adding Dropped Members to a Project > To add members from archive in the GUI
To add members from archive in the GUI
1. Select the project, subproject, Sandbox or sub Sandbox you want to add members to.
2. Select Member > Add From Archive. The Add Members From Archive Wizard displays.
3. Members are added by specifying a member name with an archive location; together they define an entry that represents the destined member.
Do one of the following:
Click Select Archives to browse the repository for an archive. A dialog box displays prompting you to locate the member archive(s).
Select the archives corresponding to the members you want to add to the project. Archives are identified by the icon. To add the selection as an entry in the list, click OK.
In the first field, type the name that represents the member being added. Then type the archive location in the subsequent field (requires a valid location to an existing archive). The default archive location is the project selected in step 1. To add the entry to the list, click Add.
Repeat to add additional entries. Added entries appear as follows:
Member Name displays the name of the member (may differ from the archive file name).
Archive Location displays the absolute path of the archive and the archive file name.
To remove an entry from the list, click Remove. Repeat to remove additional entries.
4. To add the operation to a change package, from the Change Package list select a change package. To create a change package, click Create.
If you choose to create subprojects, the specified change package is used to record the Create Subproject operation.
5. To modify the Add Members From Archive Wizard options, click Options.
6. When you are finished specifying entries to add, click Finish. The Add Member From Archive dialog box displays.
7. The archive location displays in the Archive Location field. To change the location, type a new location in the field, or click Locate Archive to select it.
8. To modify the Add Member From Archive options, click Options.
9. When you are finished, click OK to add the member to the project. To add all subsequent members specified in the Add Members From Archive Wizard, click OK to All. The member is added to the project.