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Working With Items in the Relationships View
When the Relationships view is expanded to show related items, you can perform tasks on an item by selecting it and then performing a procedure described in the table.
The Relationship view is the only view that supports following branch relationships in the structure field. You can perform individual edits and batch edits of Branches and Branched From rows. However, you cannot add, delete, move, reorder, or change relationship flags for these rows. These same operations also cannot be performed on these other special fields in the Document model: Contains, Contained By, References, and Referenced By.
If you are viewing relationships for a historical item, the relationships shown for the item depend on the As Of date indicated in the Item Detail view header. For more information, see Viewing a Historical Item.
Visibility permissions and relevance rules apply to the fields on items displaying in the Relationships view. Visibility rules restrict access to specific information based on project and item type. Relevance rules are a set of field conditions that determine which fields you can view. You see only fields that you have permission to view.
Open another Items view (GUI only)
Select Item > View Items.
View details for item
Select Item > View Item Details (GUI).
Select View Item (Web).
Open a selected item’s Relationships view
Select Item > View Relationships (GUI).
Select View Related Items (Web).
Create new item (GUI only)
Select Item > Create.
Select File > New > Item
Copy selected item
Select Item > Copy(GUI).
Select Copy Item(Web).
Create new item and add it as related item
Select Item > Create Related(GUI).
Select Create Related Item (Web).
Delete selected item (GUI only)
Select Item > Delete (GUI).
Edit selected item
Select Item > Edit(GUI).
Select Edit Item(Web).
Print selected item (GUI only)
Select Item > Print.
Run report for selected item
Select Item > Run Report (GUI).
Click and select Run Item Report(Web).
Run a historical report (Web only)
Click and select Historical > Run Report As Of.
Run an item differences report (Web only)
Click and select Run item differences report.
Add existing related item
Select Item > Relationship > Add Related Item(GUI)
Open the Items view (Item > View Items), select an item, and drag it to a relationship field in the tree (GUI)
Select Add Related Item (Web).
Remove related item
Select Item > Relationship > Remove Related Item(GUI).
Select Remove Related Items (Web).
Add or remove link flags for selected item
In the GUI, select Item > Relationship > Add Relationship Flag or Item > Relationship > Remove Relationship Flag.
In the Web interface, click . To add link flags, select Add the flags below to the selected items, select the flags to add, and then click . To remove link flags, select Remove the flags below from the selected items, select the flags to remove, and then click .
You can add or remove link flags for multiple related items if they are all related through the same relationship field.
Reorder selected related item in relationship field
In the GUI, select Item > Relationship > Move Related Item Up or Move Related Item Down.
In the Web interface, select Move related item up or Move related item down.
Refresh items (GUI only)
Select View > Refresh (GUI).
Select Refresh View (Web).