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Relationships View: Viewing Item Relationships
The Relationships view displays all the relationships for one or more items in a tree hierarchy. You can configure the Relationships view to display specific fields and relationship levels.
Relationships View: User Interface Components
When the Relationships view first displays, the Relationships tree pane shows the item(s) you selected.
The following is an example of an item and its relationships in the Relationships view (GUI):
The Relationships view includes the following user interface components that allow you to understand the item’s relationships:
Relationship Tree
You can expand the tree to show the relationship fields for the root items by clicking the plus icon.
You can expand each relationship field to see the related items in that field, expand the related items to see their relationship fields, and so on.
Expansion Level List (GUI only)
The Expansion Level list allows you to expand or retract all relationships in the Relationship tree pane to a specific level for a given item. In default and migrated ViewSets, floating Relationship views display the Expansion Level list in the Expansion Panel toolbar by default. If you are creating a ViewSet, you must add the Expansion Levels action to a toolbar.
If you attempt to expand the tree, and the number of relationships is taking too long to display, click to stop the expansion.
To collapse a branch of the tree, click -.
If an item contains a relationship loop, displays beside the item. A relationship loop occurs when an item has both a forward and a backward relationship with another item within the same relationship hierarchy.
In the GUI, you can also expand and collapse the tree by selecting a branch and using the right or left arrow keys.
In the GUI, you can drag an item from the Items view to an item’s Forward Relationships or Backward Relationships folder in the Relationships view to create a new relationship.
Modify Relationship Flags (Web only)
Adds or removes link flags for the selected item.
View Options (Web only)
Configures the look of the Relationships view, including what view components display, how the item information displays, and what relationships display in the tree.
For more information, see “Configuring the Relationships View”.
To display the Relationships view in the GUI
To display the Relationships view in the Web interface
Working With Items in the Relationships View
Configuring the Relationships View