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Editing an Item
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To add additional information to an item, you can edit the fields, and add attachments, relationships, and time entries. You can edit items depending upon the permissions assigned to you by your administrator.
For example, you would need to edit an item if someone on your project team assigned an item to you making you responsible for performing some action, or if you were responsible for reviewing all new submissions and assigning them to other team members.
To edit an item, ensure that you have the permissions to edit the item type and the relevant fields.
Editing Restrictions
Your administrator defines which item types and custom fields you are allowed to edit. If your administrator defines a field as a logging text field, you may only enter new text and not edit existing text.
Depending on your workflow, you may not be able to edit an item that is in a terminal state.
The item backed pick list relationship may be used to create a self-referencing editable field value attribute; however, you cannot set an item backed pick list field to the item it is currently located in.
Field value relationships are not editable if no backing relationship is defined. Specifically, in the case where you are simultaneously modifying a relationship and field value attribute field, you must modify the relationship first, save the item, and then open it again to edit and save the field value attribute relationship.
You cannot select inactive values for user, group, project, or pick list fields. If a selected value becomes inactive and the field remains untouched during an item edit, the inactive value persists. If you modify the field with the inactive value, you must change it to an active value.
If an item contains multi-valued user or group fields with inactive values, editing the inactive values and saving the item prompts you to leave the fields unchanged or clear the selections of all inactive values.
Some options you see in the Item Details view are disabled for historical items. Historical versions of items are differentiated from current items by the As Of item header which contains the date and time you are viewing the item as of. For more information on historical items, see “Viewing a Historical Item”.
Key Considerations
If rich content field information cannot be displayed properly in a table, it displays as plain text.
If an item contains a complex computed expression that needs to be evaluated on the Windchill RV&S server, editing the item and clicking OK does not re-calculate and update the new value in the item.
After viewing a tab in the Item Details, editing the item retains the focus on the last viewed tab, provided the tab exists in the view template and is not one of the following special tabs: Workflow, History, Change Packages, Labels, Branches, and Test Results. If the tab does not exist in the view template or is a special tab, editing an item shifts the focus to the first tab in the item.
If document versioning is enabled, relationship fields configured to display values in CSV format do not support versioned item IDs, for example, 184-1.2.
To edit an item
Configuring the Edit Item View