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Configuring the Edit Item View
You can configure the look and behavior of the Edit Item view in the GUI by selecting View > Options. The View Properties dialog box displays.
Show the OK, Apply, Cancel, and Help buttons at the bottom of the view.
Field Relationships
Clear values that have been made invalid by a field relationships (constraint) change.
If a change to a source field value in a field relationships makes the value in the related target field invalid, the invalid value is cleared automatically.
If this option is cleared, the invalid values are not cleared.
If this option has a ?, you are prompted with a message and can choose whether to clear the invalid value.
Inline Editing
Enable inline editing for relationship fields
This option enables you to edit related item information directly in the relationship fields. You do not need to open the item in the Item Edit view.
This enables inline editing for all relationship fields, including read-only relationships fields such as query backed relationship fields and structural relationship fields (for example, Referenced/Referenced By and Contains/Contained By).
Show confirmation message before saving a modified item when inline editing a relationship
This option displays a message asking you to confirm your changes.