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Managing ACL Permissions in the GUI
If you need to define new groups to reflect a changing business organization, Windchill RV&S provides the functionality for managing permissions. These include creating new ACL entries, changing permissions, and viewing groups. You can add or delete a principal for the required ACLs. You can also change the permissions for the principals, if required. After you create or modify the necessary ACLs, the updates are visible in the View Permissions window.
Depending on your selection in the View Permissions window, the following actions are available on the shortcut menu to manage ACL permissions:
Shortcut Menu Actions
Node of ACL tree in ACL pane
Delete ACLs
Create ACL
Add Principal
ACL Inheritance
Specific permissions in the permissions pane
Allow Permission
Deny Permission
Clear Permission
Specific principal in the permissions pane
Change Permissions
Add Principal
Delete Principal
Principal and permissions
Add Principal
Multiple principals of the same ACL
Add Principal
Delete Principal
If you right-click in an empty space of the permissions pane for any ACL name, the corresponding principals and permissions under the respective ACL name are highlighted and the first principal is selected. The following shortcut menu actions are available for such a selection:
Change Permission
Add Principal
Delete Principal
The shortcut menu actions are also available on the menu bar of the View Permissions window.
Adding Principals in the GUI
Changing Permissions in the GUI
Deleting Principals in the GUI