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Deleting Principals in the GUI
You can delete principals if you want to remove users or groups from an existing project, subproject, or member for efficiently managing the projects.
To delete a principal:
1. Select the project, subproject, or member you want to view ACLs for.
2. Select one of the following:
Project > Views > View Permissions
Member > Views > View Permissions
The View Permissions window opens.
3. Select the principal that you want to delete in the permissions pane corresponding to the ACL for the project, subproject, or member.
You can also select and delete multiple principals of the same ACL.
4. Select Permission > Delete Principal.
Alternatively, right-click the principal and select Delete Principal.
The Confirm ACL Entry Deletion window displays.
5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
The principal for the corresponding ACL in the permissions pane is deleted.