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Changing Permissions in the GUI
Changing permissions through the Windchill RV&S client GUI involves viewing the permissions on a specific project, subproject, or member and then changing the permissions. You can change the permissions of the principals using the Permission menu or the shortcut menu.
To change permissions using the Windchill RV&S client GUI:
1. Select the project, subproject, or member you want to change permissions for.
2. Select one of the following:
Project > Views > View Permissions
Member > Views > View Permissions
The View Permissions window opens.
3. In the permissions pane, select a principal corresponding to the ACL for the project, subproject, or member.
4. Select Permission > Change Permissions.
Alternatively, right-click and select Change Permissions.
The Change Permissions window opens.
5. In the Permissions list, edit the condition of the available permissions by clicking the indicator boxes. You can toggle the condition indicators until the indicator box displays the required condition.
You can also click Allow All to allow all permissions, Deny All to deny all permissions, or Clear All to clear all permissions.
6. Click OK.
The permissions for the selected project, subproject, or member are updated.
You can also update the individual permissions of the principals, if required.
To update an individual permission of the principal in the View Permissions window:
1. Select the individual permission of an ACL in the permissions pane.
You can also select multiple permissions of the same ACL.
2. Select one of the following:
Permission > Allow Permission to enable a permission.
Permission > Deny Permission to deny a permission.
Permission > Clear Permission to clear a permission.
Alternatively, you can also update a single permission or multiple permissions of the same ACL using Allow Permission, Deny Permission, or Clear Permission on the shortcut menu.