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To insert a new or existing segment into a document from the GUI
im insertsegment
1. Select the row where you want to insert the document and select Content > Insert to insert an existing segment.
2. Select Document if you want to insert an existing document. The Finder window opens, allowing you to select a document to insert into the current document content structure.
To insert a new document, select from the types of content available in the side menu. The Item Details view displays. Your administrator configures available content types. If no types were configured, select New Document.
After you select a new document, complete the Item Details view fields and configure the rest of the document. For more information, see Creating a Document.
3. From the list of available documents by project in the Finder window, select the document that you want to insert. For more information, see Document Finder.
4. Click OK. The document is inserted as a reference. This means that you have to open the document to modify its content. If you would like to view its entire contents in the Document view, select Content > Toggle Include/Insert to expand it in the current sequence.
Your administrator must configure which subsegments can be in documents. If you receive an error indicating that you cannot include subsegments into the document you are working with, contact your administrator.
Document hierarchies do not need to be structured alike. For example, you can insert or include a test document into a requirements document.
If you insert a segment into a group document, it is available as read-only