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Document Finder
From the applicable Windchill RV&S ViewSet, select Document > Open or File > Open > Document. The Finder dialog box opens, displaying items based on a defined query. Items appear in the left panel, and document relationships appear in the right panel. For the item selected in the left panel, the right panel shows a tree of documents and associated content. You can navigate through the documents in the right panel by using the nodes in the tree.
Click Select to change the list of documents based on a different query.
The Finder dialog box is also used to perform the following operations:
Insert or include documents in an open document. For more information, see Adding Content to a Document.
Create a new document using an existing document as a template. For more information, see Creating a Document From a Template.
At the top of the left panel, you can use the filter bar to filter by visible text or fields, just as you do in the Document view. For more information, see Filtering in the Document View.
In the lower left corner of the dialog box, you can enter an item in the Item ID field to display the root document associated with the document item. The selected item must be either a segment or a node. If it is a node, then the containing document opens.
If document versioning is enabled, you can also display versioned documents. To type the ID of a versioned document, use the format Live Item ID-major.minor, for example, 184-1.2.