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Creating a Document
The top-level document you create in this section will be the container for any content you create and modify. Top-level documents hold the project and document properties that will be applied for all of its nodes, including individual content items and subsegments.
Documents are typically created in a project or subproject that was set up by your administrator.
Key Considerations
Each section in a document is backed its own individual item. The document root is also represented by an individual document item.
After a document is created the name displays in the Outline panel of the Document view and represents the top level of the document.
Documents have specific project permissions, editability rules, and reference modes associated with them. You will not be allowed access to a document if you do not have membership in a group associated with the project the document was set up to belong to. If you cannot see a document, contact your system administrator to obtain the applicable permissions.
If you are a member of a static group or a dynamic group, you can create a document depending on the permissions assigned to you. For more information on permissions, see To create a workflow in the GUI and Setting Workflow and Document Project Visibility.
You may not be allowed to move content in a document that requires a change order for modification. The document must be in an Active state or you must have an open change order assigned to you to permit moving content.
To create a document in the GUI
Creating a Document From a Template
To create a new document using an existing document as a template from the GUI: