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To accept a change package in the GUI and Web interface
1. From the GUI, select the change package you want to accept and select Change Package > Accept, or in the Web interface, with a Project or Member History view open, click the change package ID. The Change Package view displays.
Select Actions > Accept Change Package. The Accept Change Package dialog box displays. For detailed information on the Accept Change Package dialog box, see “Accept / Reject Change Package Dialog Box”.
2. To accept the change package, click OK. The accept vote is cast and recorded in the review log.
If there are reviewers in addition to yourself, an e-mail is sent to notify those reviewers that you have cast an accept vote for the change package.
When all of the individual reviewers and at least one reviewer from each reviewer group have accepted the change package, an e-mail is sent to notify the reviewers and the creator that the change package is accepted.
Once the change package is accepted, it is committed to the server repository. If the change package is successfully committed to the repository, it then moves to a state of Closed. For more information on change package states, see “Change Package Review Workflow”.
If the change package under review is closed, an e-mail notification of the Closed state is sent to the change package watchers.
All e-mail notifications contain change package and review information.