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Reviewing Change Packages
If your administrator has set up e-mail notifications for change package reviews, e-mails are sent to change package reviewers, watchers, and the change package creator at points throughout the change package review process.
You can view all the change packages waiting for your review by selecting Change Package > View My Reviews in the GUI. The My Change Package Reviews <user> view displays.
It is possible for you to be a reviewer of a change package you created. Contact your administrator for more information.
You can use the Resync CP command to create working files in your Sandbox for all of the changes in the change package you intend to review. Once your review is complete, you can accept or reject the change package.
Windchill RV&S provides review logs as part of a complete review audit process. A log consists of individual records for each reviewer. Each time the change package is submitted for review, a new log is created.
To view the change package review log in the GUI and Web, from the Change Package view click the Review Log tab. The Review Log panel displays.
Accepting a Change Package
Rejecting a Change Package
Accept / Reject Change Package Dialog Box