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Accept / Reject Change Package Dialog Box
Change package ID number.
Summary description of change package.
User name of the user who created the change package.
Review As
User name of the reviewer accepting the change package.
Capacity in which you are a reviewer. Due to factors determined by your administrator, the options in the list vary per user for each change package. Possible options are:
Individual casts a vote as an individual reviewer in the reviewer list.
Member of <group> casts a vote on behalf of the entire group (only one user from a group is necessary to vote on behalf of the entire group).
All Reviewers casts a vote as a specific user and any group the reviewer belongs to.
Super Reviewer casts an overriding accept vote that is sufficient for accepting the change package even if there are additional reviewers. A super reviewer is not required to be a listed reviewer for the change package.
Comments on the change package elements.