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Charts View: Managing Charts
im chart
You can view and manage all charts created by you or shared to you from the Manage Charts view (GUI) or Charts View (Web interface).
To display the Manage Charts view in the GUI, select Charts > Manage Charts.
To display the Charts View in the Web interface, under Quick Views, select Charts.
The data filter in the Charts view displays your favorite charts (charts that you created and use) by default. You can search for a specific chart by typing in the text filter and/or specifying a filter.
In the GUI, you can adjust the appearance of the chart by right-clicking the chart and selecting Properties.
Lengthy chart labels are truncated if they are too long to be displayed. In the GUI, you can view the full label by doing one of the following:
Hover over a truncated label to view full label in the tooltip.
Adjust the font and font size of the labels to improve the way that they are displayed. To do so, modify the Tick label font settings.
In this view, all of the following tasks are possible:
Creating a Chart (GUI only)
Editing a Chart (GUI only)
Running a Chart
Deleting a Chart
Copying a Chart (GUI only)
Saving and Printing a Chart)