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Copying a Chart
im copychart
In the GUI, you can copy the details of a chart and save them as a new chart with a different name.
You cannot copy charts in the Web interface.
To copy a chart, select a chart from the Manage Charts view, and then one of the following:
Chart > Copy
File > Copy > Selected
To copy a chart that is not selected, select File > Copy > Chart and then specify the chart.
Key Considerations
A copied favorite () or non-favorite () chart becomes a favorite when you save the new chart.
If the chart you are copying is an admin provided object, the Is Admin Provided option is cleared in the copy.
Sharing information is not copied. You can copy sharing information by clicking Copy Principals on the Sharing tab.
You cannot share a chart to the everyone group unless you are an administrator or you have the ShareToEveryone permission. Contact your administrator for more information.