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Editing a Chart
im editchart
In the GUI, you can edit the details of a chart; however, you cannot change the chart type. Changes to chart criteria affect the data displayed the next time the chart is run.
You cannot edit charts in the Web interface.
To edit a chart, do one of the following:
Select File > Edit > Chart, and then specify a selection.
From the Manage Charts view, select a chart, and then one of the following:
Chart > Edit
File > Edit > Selected
Key Considerations
If the chart you are editing is based on a query that is invisible to you, the query does display in the Query list. However, this query is not available when you are creating a chart.
You can edit the charts you have created. Principals (users and groups) that a chart is shared with can edit it if they have edit permissions assigned to them by the chart creator.
All charts are subject to visibility rules set by your administrator. Visibility rules restrict access to specific information based on project and/or item type. For more information, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide, or see your administrator.
In addition to the tabs specific to the chart type, the following tabs display in the Chart Properties dialog box:
References displays all admin provided and user objects that reference the chart. If you plan on making changes to the chart or deleting it, this information lets you know what objects are affected by the changes or deletion.
For more information on admin provided objects, see the Windchill RV&S Installation and Upgrading Guide.
History displays all changes made to the chart.
If you are editing a trend or distribution chart, an Add Now button may appear on the Charting Values panel. This button only appears when the chart has Include Future Values selected and new values have been added to the field being charted. Clicking this button adds those new values to the chart’s Values list, where they can be left or removed. These new values are only recorded in the chart’s history when the Add Now button is explicitly used.