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All Information Structure Checkouts
The All Information Structure Checkouts option is found under Checkouts on the Check Out/In action set on the Structure tab of a publication structure. As checkouts in the information structure can prevent regeneration of the publication structure, you can use this option to manage the checked out objects. You can use this option only if the publication structure was generated from an information structure.
Clicking on the All Information Structure Checkouts option displays a window listing all of the objects from the related information structure that are checked out to you and to any others.
The following actions are available at the top of the All Information Structure Checkouts window. Note that the Check In and Undo Checkout actions are available only on objects that have been checked out to you:
Check In
Check in the selected objects. For more information, see Checking In an Object.
Undo Checkout
Clear the check out of the selected objects discarding any changes that have been made. For more information, see Undoing a Checkout.
Compare Information
Compare the selected part to other parts. For more information, see Comparing Object or Version Information.