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Assigning Choices to Service Structure Objects
If options and variants are enabled for your context, you can assign item choices to publication structure objects. Options and variants are enabled in the Preference Manager in the Options and Variants preferences group. The Configurable Module Support preference in the group must be set to Yes to enable you to assign item choices to objects. Note that if you use the Windchill Service Information Manager general product template to create your context, this preference is set to Yes by default. For more information about options and variants, see Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities.
Once options and variants are enabled and configured, you can assign item choices to a structure. Note that an object must also be checked out for the action to be available.
Follow these steps to assign item choices to a service structure object:
1. Go to the Structure tab of a service structure or object’s information page.
2. Right-click the object and select Manage Applicability. The Manage Applicability window opens.
3. In the Expressions area, click next to the Assigned Item Expressions or Assigned Usage Expressions field. An options selection window opens, listing the options and choices from the assigned option set. The assigned option set is indicated at the top of the window.
Use the Assigned Item Expressions selection if you are assigning choices to a structure for its global usage.
Use the Assigned Usage Expressions selection if you are assigning choices to a structure in a specific context.
4. Select the Design Choice tab.
Out-of-the-box, only the Design Choice tab is available. The Sales Choice tab appears only if the Sales Choice type is designated as instantiable in the Type and Attribute Management utility.
5. The Design Choice tab lists the options and choices included in the option set. Each option contains a list of available choices to choose from. Start selecting choices by clicking checkboxes. Scroll down to view all available options.
To select several choices for the same option, use the Shift or CTRL key.
To assign options via advanced (AND or OR) expression, click the Assign Advanced Expression button . Refer to Defining Options with Advanced Expressions for further information, and confirmation of how to expose the Advanced Expression feature.
6. The choices that you have selected are listed in the Summary section of the window.
7. When finished assigning choices, click OK. The choices you assigned are listed in the Assigned Item Expressions and Assigned Usage Expressions columns in the Manage Applicability window.
Close the window if you are satisfied with your Options assignment.
You can view choices assigned to a service structure object on the Attributes tab in the Structure tab. Note that if you assign item choices to a content holder object, those choices are only assigned to the content holder and not to the content associated with the content holder. A content object in Windchill can be associated with a number of different content holders, and each of those content holders can have different item choices assigned to them.