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PDF and Bundle Publishing
Designating Illustration Figures for PDF Publishing
Creo Illustrate (.c3di) illustrations can contain one or more figures. To designate a particular figure in an illustration to include when publishing a parts list to PDF, specify the name of the figure using the Print View attribute of the illustration. The figure(s) you specify are published with the parts list when publishing the parts list to PDF.
1. Add the illustration to the parts list as a Related Object.
2. Identify the name of the figure in the image you wish to use.
3. On the Related Objects tab, click Edit Attributes to open the Edit Attributes window.
4. In the Print View field, enter the name of the figure to use. The name you enter must exactly match the name of the figure in the illustration.
5. Click OK to close the Edit Attributes window. The name you entered appears in the Print View column of the Dynamic Documents table.
If you wish to identify multiple figures in an illustration, right-click on the illustration in the Dynamic Documents table and choose Add Duplicate Reference. The Edit Attributes window opens, allowing you to enter an additional figure name. This duplicate then appears in the Dynamic Documents table.
If no figures in an illustration are designated, a generic representation of the illustration is published without callouts.
Designating an Image Map for a Graphic for Bundle Publishing
A 2D graphic can have an associated image map as an attachment that can be sent with the graphic when publishing bundles for Servigistics InService. The image map file must have the .imap file extension to assure it is processed properly when publishing a bundle. The attachment must be uploaded using the Image Map category.
1. Add the graphic to the parts list.
2. Identify the image map you wish to use and remember its location.
3. Open the graphic Illustration Holder, and choose the Related Objects tab.
4. Open the Information page for the graphic.
5. On the Details tab, choose Check Out from the Actions menu.
6. On the Actions menu, choose Edit Attachments to open the Edit Attachments window. If Edit Attachments doesn’t appear, the graphic is not checked out.
7. In the Edit Attachments window, click Add Attachment to open another Edit Attachments window.
8. In the Edit Attachments window, choose the image map file to attach to the graphic. It must have an .imap file extension. Set the Category to Image Map.
9. Click OK to close the Edit Attachments window. Then click OK to close the first Edit Attachments window as well.
To view image map attachments, add an Attachments tab to the graphic’s Information page. The image map file is displayed in an Attachments table entry.
When the graphic is published as part of a bundle, the image map is passed along with it.