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Adding Existing Parts to a Parts List
The Add Part window allows you to search for existing parts based on part name and number. With a parts list open in the Parts List Editor, open the Add Part window in any of the following ways:
With the parts list selected, click Insert Existing in the Editing actions set in the Structure tab toolbar of the part information page.
With the parts list or any part selected, click the Insert Existing icon on the Items tab.
Refer to Finding Parts for information on performing part searches.
The Add Part window has the following fields.
Search On
Lists the types of parts that can be searched.
All or part of the part number to search for.
All or part of the name of the part to search for.
Searches for parts that meet the criteria specified in the search fields.
Removes any content from the search criteria fields.
Results List
A list of the parts that match your search criteria. Sort parts in the results list by clicking on any column header. The Version column shows the view for each part in the results list.
Once one or more parts are selected in the results list, clicking OK inserts the parts at the end of the parts list.
Closes the window without inserting a part in the parts list.
New part list items are based on the value of the Parts List Item Type attribute set for the parts list. Refer to the Type and Attribute Management utility to change this value.