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About the Service Product Structure Explorer (sPSE)
The Service Product Structure Explorer (sPSE) is where associations are created with upstream source BOMs (typically engineering and manufacturing BOMs) to create service BOMs. Use the sPSE to select the parts to service individually and to identify kits containing collections of parts and assemblies that can typically be ordered together.
The Service Product Structure Explorer consists of a multi-pane panel, which displays all BOM objects. The left-side navigation pane displays source BOM structures in a tree table. The right-side panels display various explorer-specific tabs that can be used to view and configure BOM objects.
You can perform tasks on elements selected in the navigation pane by selecting from the menus or icons at the top of the window. The right-side pane displays information about the object selected in the navigation pane. For more information about tabs, see About Task Tabs. The Service Product Structure Explorer can also be used in dual navigation pane mode.
Use the black arrows that appear between the panes to display one pane in the entire window. You can also drag the divider by selecting and holding the left mouse button in the region below the arrows.