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Removing the Update Required Flag from a Parts List
When a parts list has been flagged as Update Required, you can use two actions to remove the flag. The action you select depends on how you want to reflect the changes to an SBOM in the parts lists associated with that SBOM.
Update Parts List — automatically update the parts list to reflect all the changes that have been made to its associated SBOM
Remove Update Required Flag — remove the Update Required marker from the parts list, for example if the parts list has been manually updated with changes to the source SBOM, or if the relevant updates are not planned.
The Remove Update Required Flag action is available to users who have permission to update parts lists.
You can select these actions in several places:
Actions menu for a parts list
Context menu for a parts list
Parts List Requiring Update report
You can carry out the required action on multiple parts lists in a single action when you access them from the report.
These actions are available from the context menu for a single parts list in Folders view and in the parts list’s information page.
You can also select the option for one or more selected parts lists listed in the Parts Lists Requiring Update report.
Each action includes a dialog in which you can confirm you wish to proceed with the action.
When carrying out these actions, if a selected parts list is a template part list in an information structure, any parts lists generated from the template will be marked as Regenerate Required.