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Modifying Your User Preferences
To enhance and personalize your Windchill experience, you can view and set preferences, such as display and search options. Navigate to Quick Links > My Settings > Preferences to view the preferences grouped by category and subcategory according to the type of functionality impacted.
To quickly locate a preference, enter a keyword in the field in the upper-right corner of the table to browse through preferences that include the keyword.
A description of the preference is available in the Preference Management table. To read a more detailed description of the preference or to change the preference setting, right-click the preference and select Set Preference.
Administrators can set preferences for a site, organization, or context from the Preference Management utility on the Utilities page.
The following preferences might be especially useful:
File Download Mechanism
Determines whether Desktop Integration or basic browser functionality is used to download files from Windchill, for example, during document management and change management operations.
Toolbar Action Descriptions
Determines whether the name of the action appears under icons in table toolbars throughout Windchill.
A separate preference addresses the icons on the Structure table. See the Structure category below.
Default contexts under Windchill Documents in Windows Explorer
Determines which contexts appear as default contexts in Windows Explorer.
Windchill Desktop Integration must be connected.
Check In Operation
Includes a number of preferences related to the check in action, for example, Keep Checked out to Workspace and Auto Associate upon Check In.
Global Search Default Types List
Determines which object types display in the search drop-down list that appears in the upper right of the Windchill screen.
Show Toolbar Button Labels
Determines whether the name of the action appears under icons in the Structure table.
Vaulting and Replication
Preferred File Server
Specifies the File Server Site used when Windchill objects are downloaded and uploaded.
Your preferences might differ, depending on the settings at your site.